What We Do

The institute is mandated to carry out the following functions

  1. Set recruitment standards for officers to be engaged in law enforcement in Lagos State and to facilitate the implementation of those standards.
  2. Prescribe training curricular, courses of study and attendants’ requirements for relevant employees.
  3. Implement training and induction programmes for new recruits and serving officers at all levels.
  4. Prescribe ethical and disciplinary standards in line with international best practices and monitor the implementation of those standards.
  5. Tactically and technically equip relevant employees to perform their statutory duties optimally.
  6. Encourage teamwork and inter Agency coordination and cooperation in all areas of operation.
  7. Promote principles of professionalism, discipline and integrity.
  8. Set promotion standards and prescribe a schedule of refresher and promotion courses for employees in relevant cadre.
  9. Issue certificates of merit in respect of the various courses offered by the institute.
  10. Offering training and consultancy services to other interested persons or Agencies as may from time to time be approved.
  11. To perform such other functions as may be referred to it from time to time by the head of service in relation to its core mandates

    LETI started off in September 2012 with a 9 months’ pilot training - Career Evaluation Training Programme (CETP) for all serving officers of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) and Kick against Indiscipline (KAI) .and since then, the Institute has conducted Basic Induction Trainings, Annual Mandatory Trainings and various capacity building programme for all serving Law Enforcement Officers of the State.