10 Mar, 2021

The Chief Resilience Officer of Lagos State, Dr. Dania Folayinka has commended Prince Ifalade Oyekan and the Management of the Lagos State Law Enforcement Training Institute LETI for the new innovations at the Institute. 

While speaking at a courtesy call on the Director General of the Institute, the Chief Resilience Officer said, the Institute easily ticks all the checklist of a resilient organization and congratulated the Institute for a job well done. 

While welcoming the Resilience Officer to LETI, Prince Ifalade said since the present Administration's advent, the Institute has been on the upscale with a lot of new innovations in a bid to train World standard Law Enforcement Officers. 

Oyekan took the Resilience team through the various new approaches and methodologies introduced under the watch of Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Governor of Lagos State. 

Oyekan said this began with a change in the curricular of the various Agencies, the introduction of the Body Worn Camera and crowd control training among others. 

He said since the Governor's mandate for a new LETI, compliant with the THEMES Agenda subsists, the Institute will continue to upscale it's techniques and approaches. 

Prince Ifalade also took the Chief Resilience Officer on a tour of the Institute including the Agility and Parade grounds for a feel of the Institute. 

At the end of the visit, Dr. Dania said she will always be available to work with the Institute in the bid to meet the targets set by the current management. 

Prince Oyekan thanked the Team for the visit while presenting the Chief Resilience Officer with textbooks for four of the Law Enforcement Agencies' training.