08 Oct, 2020

As part of continued efforts in ensuring law and order in Lagos State, the Solicitor-General/Perm. Sec. Ministry of Justice, Lagos, Mrs Titilayo Shitta-Bey has charged law enforcement officers to always maintain proper conduct in the discharge of their duties.
Shitta-Bey gave the charge while addressing batch 14 law enforcement officers undergoing training at the Lagos State Law Enforcement Training Institute (LETI).
She stressed that law enforcement officers were tied to the sixth pillar of the Lagos State THEMES agenda, and as such, must be good ambassadors of the government.
The Solicitor-General said that in relating with citizens, officers must uphold the principles their uniform represents which includes orderliness, peace, integrity and proper conduct.
She added that they should not be seen as extortionists, nuisance, aggressive and confrontational, as this negates the essence of their role to maintain peace, law and order in the society..